ImageOutWrite: Volume 9 (2020) - PAPERBACK

ImageOutWrite: Volume 9 (2020) - PAPERBACK

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Pre-order your print copy of ImageOutWrite: Volume Nine, the 2020 collection of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction published by the ImageOut Film Festival. Orders will be filled in 10-14 business days. To access the book immediately, please purchase the ebook

This anthology exists as a labor of love and art to encourage a broad representation of a selection of our voices. Hear us loud! Here in Volume 9, the literary arts perform their magic again: the rite of bringing us closer, of showing those moments and conducting a lightning bolt of connection through shattered and fragmented times.

There is nothing like discovering a great story, a resonant line, a life-changing poem. Here, you have your pick of stirring experiences. Enjoy your reading, and may these pieces make your life fuller and richer today. We hope it inspires you to write, to share your experiences, and to shine out. 

2020 Selected Authors:
Doug Anthony
Joe Baumann
Caroline Carpenter
Alex Carrigan
Kevin Lane Dearinger
Damon W. Diehl
Jessica Firman
Allison Fradkin
Manuel Igrejas
Ben Kline
Luca Kouklanakis
Joan Larkin
Tim Louis Macaluso
Mike McClelland
Rae Monroe
Elías Miguel Muñoz
C.O. Nyquist
Jen OConnor
Neil Ellis Orts
John Pruitt
Christopher Soden
James Thornton